Terms of use

1- Users shall not use the service in activities that are against the laws and customs to mention but a few:

  • Sending messages without reasonable cause that result into threats, disturbance, harassment, concern or confusion to anyone.
  • Participating in any fraudulent activities including impersonating a person or entity.
  • Entering or attempting entry into any displayed source of information without written permission from rights owners of these systems, personal computers, or information sources.
  • Violating any copyrights or intellectual properties of any personal computers or any source of information.
  • Violating the user agreement pertaining to Al-Hadatha .
  • Engaging in any criminal activities for purposes inconsistent with the law to mention but a few vice, gambling, immoral conduct or attempting activities violating social, cultural, economic, political or religious values.
  • Violating or contradicting acts with reference to the regulations or policies of Al-Hadatha.

2- Customers are not allowed resell, rent, transfer, or using any of Al-Hadatha services without prior written permission.

3- Any notifications or alerts sent by the company to the customer are deemed delivered based on the communication data demonstrated in this contract.

The customer is made aware that data presented to Al-Hadatha in this contract such as customer’s name, phone number, email address or any other personal data can be used by the company’s servers or any other method deemed fit by the company to contact the customer.